From the logo to the color scheme, creating your brand is a process that requires time and once developed, spending money becomes seemingly unavoidable. Whether it’s promotional goods, branded apparel or any marketing, focusing on the details and quality of what you’re purchasing is important. Here are 4 simple steps to choosing the best product for your company:

Step 1: Choose the Product

 Start by determining your target market. Step up your swag and get something that consumers will use every day. If you’re a bike shop, think jerseys, socks or multi-tools. If you’re a tech company, consider choosing a custom hoodie or a top of the line backpack. The idea is that any product that fits your company can be branded in some way, shape or form. Just be consistent.

Custom branded koozies for Boulder Beer's Due East New England-Style IPA

Step 2: Establish the Design

Once you’ve picked your item, it's time to implement your brand imagery. This is where you make the connection between the quality product and your company with your logo or icon. This also presents an opportunity for you to create more unique designs as extensions of your brand. The more creative, bold and memorable, the better. Now your on your way to production. Whether it’s through dye sublimation, screen-printing or embroidery, there are multiple ways to create designs that reflect your brand.

Step 3: Check for Quality

Without a quality check, you could end up with a poorly made product. Asking for a mock-up or ordering a sample product are great ways to ensure you get exactly what you want. If you’re spending money on a product, you should have the opportunity to see it before it comes to fruition.

Custom Branded Insulated Backpack for Coors Light

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Step 4: Share Your Brand

It’s a proven fact, in Denver, promotional marketing is one of the most effective ways to make a lasting, repeated impression on your customers. Wearing and using your products is an important part of growing your brand. While there are many forms of marketing, these products can be a simple way to pique someone’s interest. If you’re asked about your shirt, hat, etc. you’ve quickly created the opportunity to tell your company’s story and share your brand.


Selecting, designing and producing a brand stamped product that will stick with your customers isn’t easy, but it’s an essential part of creating brand awareness. With FlowState, the possibilities are endless. We produce customizable products and work to deliver a product that has exactly what you want, without breaking your bank.

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