You probably already understand the importance of developing a strong brand identity to attract customers, but another important (and often overlooked) element of developing your brand is how you can use it to attract great candidates. Experienced hiring managers and savvy candidates understand that the hiring process is a two-way street, where both sides are trying to figure out if they are a good match, so if you’re not presenting your business well, you may be missing out on the best employees. According to the ManpowerGroup, 86% of candidates seek out information about a company on their website, while 45% turn to peers, and 30% consult a company’s social media accounts. Creating a clear and consistent message for your pool of potential employees is the best way to attract top talent.

“Forward-thinking companies are leveraging their strong brands to attract and retain top talent. These companies are positioning their brand promise specifically for employees…[This] requires new strategies and practices to deliberately enhance the brand promise and its potential to inspire talent to engage with the company’s mission” - If You Build It, They Will Come: The New Role of Employer Brand, ManpowerGroup

The Benefits of Branding for Recruitment

The hiring process can be stressful and time-consuming for both employers and candidates, so hopefully the idea of improving the process by focusing on your own brand - vs. hiring a recruiter or going to a job fair - is already sounding pretty appealing. There are some real, and often pretty immediate, benefits to focusing on your branding as seen through the eyes of your talent pool. According to Sage People, these benefits include:

  • Lower Recruitment Costs - leverage your brand-aligned social media accounts, industry events, and positive word-of-mouth to save on the cost of getting your jobs and company on candidates’ radar.
  • Filling Roles More Quickly - followers and fans of your brand are already excited about your company in one capacity, which makes it easier to get them excited about the prospect of working for you.
  • Lower Staff Turnover - a great and consistent brand not only attracts new employees but can keep current employees more engaged and excited about your company. Solve part of your hiring problems by not losing employees in the first place.


Tell the Story of Your Brand

In a crowded market with many companies offering better and better benefits - unlimited PTO, beers on tap, gym memberships, you name it! - it may feel difficult to stand out. Since it can be hard to compete just by offering more and more perks, focusing on really establishing what makes your company (and your brand) special is the best way to go.

Establish Your Ethos

Who is your brand? What does it stand for? What do you believe in? Understanding the answers to these questions is a great way to establish a clearer idea of your brand. Plus, it’s important to communicate these ideas to any potential employees. You want people to work for you who understand your vision and are motivated to be a part of it

Show Off Your Culture

Ultimately, what will really set your company apart is the culture. It can be difficult to accurately convey what makes your company’s culture special without candidates coming in and seeing it for themselves, but there are a few different ways to highlight that culture before an in-person meeting.


Does your company have unique benefits? If you offer benefits outside of the standard healthcare, PTO, or retirement savings, make sure candidates know about it!

Highlighting your current employees is another great way to show off the culture job candidates can expect at your company. Pictures, bios, even job titles can indicate the type of culture you’re cultivating.


And finally, you can highlight what your customers or clients have said about working with your company. It’s great for every part of your brand to feature testimonials, but it can be particularly helpful for candidates trying to get a sense of how your company works and communicates. Let your happiest clients be brand ambassadors to help your business continue to grow.

Offer Some Swag

There are also tangible ways to show off your brand and company culture, while at the same time keeping your current employees engaged. Investing in branded gifts for employees is a great way for your newest hires to feel welcomed and part of the company culture. Set the newest members of your team up for success with a notebook, backpack or laptop bag, coffee mug, maybe some apparel - anything that can help them navigate their first few days and weeks more easily. You’ll experience another benefit of these gifts when candidates come to your office to interview. Imagine the difference between a sterile office where the employees may not seem connected or engaged, and one where your company’s logo is being proudly sported by most of your employees. Which office would you rather join?


Time for a Rebrand?

As you start to consider how your brand is communicating with potential future employees, RecruiterBox has a few questions you can start to ask yourself:

  1. What is the promise you are offering to future employees?
  2. How do you want to treat your employees?
  3. What makes your staff amazing?
  4. How do candidates perceive your company?

With those answers on hand, you’re ready to start working to hone your brand to something appealing to clients and candidates alike. And if you need help, we’ve cultivated a company culture that’s attracted a group of talented and passionate experts to guide you through the process. Let’s start the conversation.

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