Let’s get real, it’s 2017 and as much as we try, it’s impossible to go through your day without being distracted. Whether it’s a funny Buzzfeed article on your Facebook feed, a group chat with your friends or a newsletter from your favorite store offering “the best deal of the season;” it seems like we are always multitasking.

Finding Your Prospects

How do distractions relate to prospecting? Well, the key to success in sales lies in quality prospecting, right? Targeting industries, understanding markets and knowing what you're talking about is what will turn your first call into a meeting, and turn your first meeting into a second one. As you know, this continues until you’ve made a sale. Though this process can seem monotonous, we are here to show you that prospecting can be fun.

Tips and Tricks to Make Prospecting Fun
Understanding Your Prospects

Within social media, there are prospecting tools hidden beneath the photos of your friends’ weekend and cute animals. Companies today are thriving by utilizing social media for sales. Think back to a time when, all of the sudden, those sunglasses you just shopped for sneakily pop up on the side of your Facebook profile. Companies are constantly collecting online data about our habits, interactions, preferences, and demographics. Instead of feeling an invasion of privacy, utilize that same data to prospect.

Turn the table on companies that pop up on your news feed. Use them as prospects instead of the other way around. Being a subject matter expert for the company you're prospecting will set you apart from the 20 other emails, calls and meetings they receive a day. In addition, if you’re prospecting a company you like, your passion and support for the company will radiate through your conversations. This will give them peace of mind that they will work with someone who believes in their business and provide you with a new prospect you are genuinely excited about.

Make It Fun

Tips and Tricks to Make Prospecting Fun

Targeting companies that inspire you is how we make sales fun. You see a boost energy, spark of motivation and most importantly, an increase in your sales with a drive to build partnerships on passion.

Use those hidden gems that you overlook every day and get to prospecting with companies you love. Want to learn more about the keys to success in sales? Stay tuned to our News & Knowledge blog.

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