What’s New in Branded Hats for Breweries

There are several ways for breweries to stand out in the beer competitive market, not least of which is branded merchandise.

By creating unique, eye-catching merch, you’re letting your customers become walking billboards for your brand. One of the most popular merchandise options? Hats. Here’s what our experts are seeing in branded hats for breweries.

Choose Your Branded Hat Style

When you think about the types of hats you’ll offer, you need to think about the style. Beanies are popular for the colder months but as spring approaches, five-panel styles are becoming more popular. And, as this style includes a snap-back, it’s easy to adjust the fit for any head size, making these hats appropriate for any gender.

“Over the past couple of months, we've definitely been seeing a trend toward the grandpa hat, your five-panel, flat brim hat,” said Danielle Romeo, our senior sales executive at FlowState Marketing. “They're definitely targeting more of a hip consumer.”


Also in demand? New materials. Recently, our team worked with Revolution Brewing to create a five-panel hat made out of burlap. It was a new-to-us material to work with, but after scouring the market and collaborating with our manufacturers, we were able to produce a sample for Revolution. They loved it and are now selling an incredibly unique product with the Revolution Brewing logo printed all over the burlap. It makes a statement and is incredibly eye-catching.

Pick Your Focus

As a brewery, you have choices in what you choose to promote. If you’re a new brewery looking to promote your overall brand and gather a following for your new business, your merchandise should promote your brewery name with an eye-catching design featuring your logo. This can be accomplished with either screen-printing, embroidery or a combo of both, depending on your timeline and budget.


Many breweries choose a classic trucker hat to promote their breweries, highlighting the logo and adding a bit of eye-catching flair, Romeo said. However, some of the more established breweries are choosing a popular beer (or one that is soon to hit the shelves) and creating a design that highlights that specific product.

“We created a hat for 14er Brewing for a special Kiwi Ale that they released,” Romeo said. “It had little kiwis all around the hat. It was a different kind of design that you typically don't see and I'm noticing that on a lot of the structured hats now.”

Breweries are taking a lot more chances and risks on the designs for their merchandise, Romeo said, but it's panning out.

“(Breweries are) being able to expose new beers that are coming out, whether they're out right now or they're promoting it for future releases,” she said. “They’re absolutely being more playful with the designs.”

Create Your Design

After you’ve chosen the style of hat, it’s time for design. Our experts can create merchandise based on a design that you have already created, or our team of in-house designers can help you create an end-product that exceeds your expectations.

“We have a lot of clients that lean on us for design,” Romeo said, “But we also have a fair share of breweries that come to us with a concept their in-house design team has already created, and they just lean on us to produce.”

Whether you’re working with FlowState’s in-house design team or are ready with your own ideas, Romeo said that creativity is key.

“We're seeing a lot of outside-of-the-box design incorporated in (the hats we’re producing),” she said, “And they’re pretty much flying off the shelves.” 


These out-of-the-box ideas include taking the design over the entirety of the hat (as with the Revolution Brewing example) – even under the brim. Other breweries are incorporating designs that are unique to upcoming releases, taking a large step away from other merchandise. For example, Odell’s Sipping Pretty Fruited Sour beer is designed to be enjoyed in the warmer months. The hat features a gorgeous, floral design with hummingbirds, perfectly evoking the feel of summer. It’s a more feminine design than other hats Odell has created, but it’s one that even guys will want to wear.

From Sketch to Shelves

If you’re interested in creating an eye-catching new hat for your brewery, we know how to balance budget, quality and quantity. Our designers will work with you to create a custom product or will help you see your own design to fruition. The timeline from start to finish varies according to your needs and designs, so don’t wait to get to get in touch and start the process.

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