When companies connect a consumer’s emotions to their products, not only does their revenue increase, but their brand loyalty does as well. By utilizing emotional connection in your business strategy, not only will you increase sales, but you will gain customer loyalty as well.

Figuring out the best tactic for making this connection can feel like you’re navigating unknown territory. Many factors come into play, including familiarity with your brand as well as customer satisfaction. Both of these are what’s referred to as “emotional motivators,” and they are vital when planning your business strategy.


When your company makes a connection with your desired audience emotionally you strengthen your brand value. Consumers look for consistency with brands in order to develop brand loyalty, then becoming customers. Understanding your consumers means figuring out who your target audience is and what motivates them to want to purchase your brand.

Make Your Move: Connecting Brands and Customers

Strengthening your brand value is contingent on your company forming an emotional connection with your customers. We know how important branding is for consumers to identity with your brand. Let’s look at some key points to help you make this valuable connection:

  • Stability creates brand loyalty. Constantly changing an image or idea will create the impression of insecurity. By maintaining consistency with your brand, you will ensure repeat and loyal customers.

  • Consider your consumers. Who is your target audience and what motivates them to purchase your brand? When partnering with FloWater, we knew it was important to focus on an environmentally-minded consumer and to bridge the gap between their branding message and their consumer’s lifestyle.  

  • Discover your key motivators and you will be able to connect the emotional investment your customers have to your brand. What is the consumer seeking to fulfill, obtain, or change about themselves that your product fulfills? Establishing your company’s buyer persona will establish your plan for transcending the emotional connection necessary to obtain customer and brand loyalty.


Determine The Right Growth Strategy for Your Brand 

Once you have established what the emotional connections are with your customers, the next step is to determine the factors that will comprise your growth strategy and to set your plan in motion.  

Seize Every Opportunity

When it comes to gaining an advantage over a brand’s reputation versus the lack of emotional connection, there will always be an opportunity to gain a competitor’s customer base by recognizing this opportunity, bridging the gap between your brand and the consumer’s emotional connection, and implementing your strategy.

Predictive Behavior

Understanding the spending habits of customers will allow you to locate gaps in consumer’s needs by determining what competitors they shop, if they are shopping online or in stores, or both, and to take advantage of this opening.

Behavior Motivators

The timeline for a consumer moving through discovering a company and its brand, learning more about their products and services, checking out the competition, back to finally deciding upon your company, are all in integral part of the motivators you can use to optimize the message on your brand.

Sending emails, text messages, and utilizing social media are all strategies used to remind your customer on each step of their purchasing journey that your company has their emotional needs met and that your product is consistent, valuable, and understands their lifestyle.


Brand loyalty begins with recognizing and optimizing your sales by understanding your customer’s emotional needs and connecting them to your brand. By utilizing the tips we have outlined and knowing how to target your customer base, you’ll learn how to emotionally connect consumers to increase growth as well as a lasting relationship with your customers.



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